Joy of Being
Feel good about your self. Learn emotional intelligence to be happy and joyful.
Joy of Being is an nine week program designed to connect you with your personal truth through daily guided meditations and shared journaling exercises. Practice self love and self exploration in the safety of a small group expertly guided by Harriet.
What is Emotional Intelligence?

To feel is to be human. Feelings are the foundation of our human experience. They tell us important, even life changing messages. They help us better understand ourselves, our environment and our work. Feelings serve to help us make mindful decisions and improve the quality of our relationships.

Unconscious emotional patterns can sabotage your life causing anxiety and confusion. Navigating this landscape with intelligence is a learned skill that can bring you happiness and fulfillment. When you become fully present with your emotions, you become fully present with your authentic self. This is true liberation. This is the Joy of Being.

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Discover the power of self love and self acceptance

True personal change is difficult. Often we begin a new practice only to drop it a few days or weeks later. Many traditions emphasize the power of group consciousness as a vehicle for transformation. Self love and self acceptance takes practice. Often negative emotional patterns only show up in the context of interaction with other people. Thus we need to practice with other people to truly transform ourselves.

The Joy of Being experience is a unique approach to online learning, focused on small group interaction. Being is not something that you can learn by reading. Being is a direct experience. Working in a small group, you will practice authentic expression in a supportive and loving container. The Joy of Being course revolves around short daily shared journaling exercises designed to excavate and explore your emotions in the safety of a small group of fellow students guided by Harriet.

Each week you will receive a new guided meditation for self exploration. The meditation is 10 minutes long and designed to be done daily with a subsequent journaling exercise to be shared with your group. In this course you study yourself through the mirror of your small group.

Joy of Being Course Material
Holding space for yourself
Exploring your relationship to trust and the source within
Connect to your body
Become aware of the wisdom in your body
Listen to your heart
Align your actions with your inner wisdom
What do you feel?
Label your feelings to liberate yourself from reactive patterns
Embrace your shadow
Accept your emotional wounds and honor your needs
Letting go
Consciously release old emotional patterns and feelings
Gratitude and Forgiveness
Overcoming the inner critic through deep self appreciation
See your own beauty
Celebrate your authentic being through self love
This journey is not about learning specific content or accomplishing a certain outcome. Instead it is about creating space for deep connection to your being. Allow yourself to be surprised by what your authentic self wants to tell you. Open up to and welcome the pure, existential joy of being you!
Co-creative Guide, Mentor and Feminine Wisdom Keeper

Harriet is an experienced guide into the mysteries of feminine wisdom. She is a midwife for inner transformation, emotional healing, awareness and conscious creation. Harriet has studied co-creation for over 10 years and extensively practiced Co-Creative Process Inquiry®, a pioneering methodology for cultural renewal. She has worked in long-term client relationships both in one on one coaching with leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives as well as in group coaching with educators and business owners.

Harriet worked at the University of Applied Sciences developing student-centered collaborative learning community. She is a trained coach in empowerment and emotional dynamics, a theory that has developed in Finland over the last 30 years, and now runs a healing center in Helsinki, the Fount of Co-Creation. She is also the co-founder of Global Renaissance Society, an eco-system for evolutionary entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners evolving the co-creation of a new future. Her work is documented in several publications and she has written a book based on her personal healing journey to self love, Letters to Myself With Love (available in English, Finnish and Swedish).

"Freedom, playfulness, joy, openness, trust, support and inspiration are the recipe for the unexpected."

People who have worked with Harriet...

Knut Arild Hanstad - Harriet and I have been working together almost for two years, and her deep understanding of the male psyche as well as how the interaction between the feminine and masculine works when it is healthy and sound has provided me with an emotional insight I never could have achieved otherwise. She has helped me to integrate hurt feelings, old wounds and traumas, helped me to discover rigid structures, patterns and suppressed fears, and to open up for my whole being as a man, integrating my feminine qualities.

Reeta Pohjonen - Harriet has been both my mental/emotional coach as well as business coach since 2010. She supports female leaders and entrepreneurs to see their own strengths, creativity and inner power. Harriet's way of working is soft, inspiring, heartful and empowering. She represents herself the new feminine leader and has a mesmerizing personality. She has experience from co-creation and how to implement it in leadership. I warmly recommend her services to both private people and entrepreneurs.

Lorenz Sell - Harriet Fagerholm is a gifted coach and healer. Her superpower is deep intuition coupled with an ability to hold a strong container of love. She is so well grounded in her understanding that she is able to let go of rigid process and, instead, go with an intuitive flow based on what the situation calls for. Each person is unique with unique challenges. Harriet uses her intuition to guide you through your own landscape. It's a beautiful journey of holding space and gently exploring new territory.

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The next session starts on Monday, August 7th.
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